New modes of production at the global level: Opportunities and challenges for the world of work — International conference on January 20th 2015

The College de France (Chair The Social State and Globalization: A Legal Analysis of Forms of Solidarity) will host on January 20th 2015 an international conference on new modes of production at global level. This conference has been organized in cooperation by The French Ministry of Work and the ILO Research Department.

The aim of the conference is to stimulate high-quality debate between scholars, social partners and policy makers on the labour dimension of Global Supply Chains (GSCs) and how this contributes to the on-going discussion with respect to the “Future of Work”. In preparation of the ILO centenary in 2019, the ILO addresses this issue by examining major developments and challenges in the World of Work and the role which the ILO has to play in the 21st Century.

There is a broad agreement that the world economy is becoming more deeply integrated and interdependent. International trade and investment increasingly takes place through new patterns and structures of production that operate beyond national boundaries and traditional conceptions of the firm, including the multinational enterprise. One of the key issues in this regard, both in the academic literature as well as the policy debate, is the development of GSCs and how this affects productive employment and decent work, in both developed and emerging economies.


The first session of the conference will deal with the challenges of global production networks in the area of labour.

The second session will be a roundtable on roles and responsibility in the global value chains. The third session will open up the debate towards the Future of Work, discussing key research areas with respect to the World of Work in the 21st Century.

Finally, in the last session, Mr François Rebsamen, the French Minister of Labour, and Mr Guy Ryder, the ILO Director-General, amongst others, will discuss the political agenda on the Future of Work.

20 January 2015, 9:00-18:00.
Amphithéâtre Marguerite de Navarre
Collège de France
11, place Marcelin-Berthelot
75005 Paris