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The Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies (Institut des Hautes Études Chinoises, IHEC) was founded in 1927 by Paul Pelliot and Marcel Granet. It was incorporated into the Collège de France in 1972. The Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies houses one of Europe’s largest sinological libraries, with collections in excess of 250,000 volumes along with 1,300 different periodicals, 300 of which are current. The library was significantly enriched in 1951, with holdings contributed by the Centre for Sinological Studies of the University of Paris, previously kept in Beijing. It specializes in research on classical sinology. It holds what is probably Europe’s largest collection of ancient local gazetteers (difang zhi) and collectanea (congshu). It also holds a collection of rare books (shanben).

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Besides running the library, the Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies also publishes scholarly books about China, most of which are doctoral theses written by students who graduated with honors. The institute publishes one to two books a year.
Traditionally, the Collège de France’s professors who hold Chairs in Chinese culture are also editors of the oldest journal in a western language dedicated to China, namely the T'oung pao.


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