Lectures Abroad (2017-2018)


Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies et Université de Colombie britannique, Vancouver

September 2017

Three Lectures about:

7 September 10-11 AM:
Lecture Hall PWIAS, 6331 Crescent Rd., Vancouver
A paleoclimatic perspective on ocean oxygen minima

12 September 2017 10-11 AM:
Lecture Hall PWIAS, 6331 Crescent Rd., Vancouver
Climate evolution, sea-level rise and ice-sheet retreat during the last deglaciation

14 September 2017, 4-5 PM:
Lecture Hall EOAST, 2207 Main Mall, Vancouver
Radiocn as a geochronometer and as a tracer in paleoclimatology, geophysics and astrophysics


Institut Max-Planck de chimie et Mayence University

Spring 2018

Two Lectures about: 

Radiocn as a Tool to Probe the Past Oceans.

Institut Max-Planck d'Anthropologie évolutionniste, Leipzig

Spring 2018:

Two Lectures about:

The Radiocn Calibration and its Implications. 


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