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International Relations

A Policy of International Openness

One of the Collège de France's missions is to promote French research and thought abroad, and to participate in intel-lectual debates on major world issues. The institution therefore participates in international exchange through its teaching and the dissemination of knowledge, as well as through the research programmes involving its Chairs and laboratories. The fact that one fifth of the professors are currently from abroad, confirms the Collège de France's wid-ening research and education policy.

This policy of international openness translates into:

• Collège de France professors' teaching missions abroad
• Lectures and lecture series by visiting professors
• Junior Visiting Researchers scheme
• Lecture series and symposia abroad
• Internet broadcasts

Wide-ranging International Outreach

Thanks to the New Knowledge Technologies

Since 2007, the Collège de France proposes, in open access, podcasts of lectures in audio and video, as well as the downloading of numerous textual documents. What was originally a pilot programme has been so successful that it has constantly grown and developed, owing to the simultaneous translation into English of most of the teaching cy-cles. A voice over is provided on the audio video, and texts (lecture notes and presentations) are translated. Some of the teaching cycles are translated into Chinese and Spanish, as well as English. In 2011, more than eighteen million hours of lectures were downloaded. The Collège de France thus aims to further the dissemination of knowledge, in line with its original mission, which is supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.