Reception of scientist after selection

Reception of scientists after selection

Host institutions

Agreement procedures

Institutions whose applications have been selected must:

  • sign an agreement with Collège de France, who facilitate the PAUSE program;
  • sign an agreement with the nominated researcher.

Payment of the grant

Payment of the PAUSE grant will be made to the account of the host institution's accounting officer upon receipt of the certificate of entry of the beneficiary within the host institution (the certificate is attached to the agreement) and copy of his/her contract of employment.


Obtaining a residency permit

  • If the beneficiary is in his/her country of origin or resides abroad, he/she must go to the nearest French diplomatic and consular authority carrying the signed agreement with his/her host institution and a higher education diploma (in connection with research or university teaching) in order to submit her/his visa application in preparation of application for “passeport talent-chercheur” resident permit. In case of emergency, these documents may be transmitted directly by the PAUSE program to the consular authorities and, if applicable, in the absence of the hosting agreement, a statement issued by the host institution may be presented.

    For the beneficiaries accompanied by their families, it is advisable to apply for a specific visa “passeport talent-chercheur” with “family” mentioned, including for beneficiaries wishing to initiate an application for asylum once in France.
  • If the beneficiary resides in France, the host institutions must, with the two agreements mentioned below, get in with the closest police headquarters (prefecture) in order to apply for a specific long-stay visa (Visa long séjour valant titre de séjour, mention “scientifique-chercheur”).

Social and administrative assistance

The beneficiaries are to be supported in their efforts by their host institutions. The PAUSE program team is at the disposal of the latter to assist them with any administrative procedures that raise difficulties.

The institutions and beneficiaries are invited to the Acc&ss and Euraxess offices, who are able to assist them with the procedure at all stages, from the departure from the country of origin to the installation of the researcher in France (visas, residence permits, opening of bank accounts, social security, social welfare, legal support ,job search support...).

The PAUSE program, supported by Collège de France, a public scientific, cultural or professional institution constituted in the form of a Grand Etablissement in the sense of article L.717-1 of the French Code de l’Education, cannot provide third-party guarantee for lease agreements.

Follow-up of reception

Mid-term interview

PAUSE executive management will initiate mid-term with the hosted scientist as well as the person within the host institution to monitor the professional progress and social inclusion of the scientist in order to find solutions to any difficulties encountered.

Assessment of the reception of a scientist in exile as part of the PAUSE program

PAUSE program executive management will request a summary report detailing feedback and assessment of the placement from the hosted scientist and the host institution at the end of the hosting project.

Financial report

PAUSE program executive management will request a financial report at the end of the contract of the scientist, mentioning the budget committed and including a precise financial statement justifying the use of the grant.