Why support the PAUSE program?

“Save a life to save ideas”

PAUSE works to facilitate the hosting in France of at-risk international lecturers researchers and to aid their professional integration into teams within universities and research centers. Like their fellow citizens, these scientists become victims when war and persecution engulf their countries. They are specifically targeted by all forms of totalitarian regime for speaking out, and for developing and teaching critical thinking. When freedom is weighed down by oppression, they are the first people to become the victims of purges, to be persecuted, deprived of their freedom, and executed.

The PAUSE program supports scientists who are in danger. These candidates are also, first and foremost, highly qualified scientists who during their academic and professional careers, have developed a large number of collaborations and partnerships with universities, research centers and companies in France and internationally.

In addition to receiving contributions from the French state, higher education institutions and public research organizations, the PAUSE program funds its activities with the help of sponsors and the generosity of the general public.

Private and public companies, foundations, individuals and public authorities, are all working together to establish this project which is driven by the notion of building a future based on knowledge, peace and science.

On average, €30,000 will enable the PAUSE program to bring security to the life of an at-risk scientist and to support their integration into a team within a French organisation.

Testimonial from Ali S., a Syrian astronomer and father of four:

Ali S., astronome syrien (programme PAUSE)

« The PAUSE program is like an outstreched hand to provide help, a reassuring smile in the darkest, coldest realms of the earth, offered as a sign of hope. PAUSE got me back to work and gave me the time to rebuild my career and family circumstances. »

Supporting the PAUSE program means:

  • Bringing security to the life of a researcher and their family and safeguarding their right to teach and carry out research;
  • Promoting a source of knowledge which is a priceless asset for the academic community and for democratic societies worldwide;
  • Allowing scientists at risk to take part in the rebuilding of their country when the time comes;
  • Supporting interaction, knowledge and technology sharing between France and the countries of origin of these scientists;
  • Forging a relationship with scientific institutions promoting excellence.

For further information about sponsorship, or partnerships with companies and foundations:

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David Bruchon
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